If you’re looking to purchase your first home, first time home buyer education is critical to reaching a good decision and ending up with the home you desire. A key aspect of home buying that sets the tone for the entire process is choosing a good bank/mortgage lender to work with.

Choosing a mortgage lender can be an overwhelming decision. Ask yourself these four questions before you decide.

#1: Does the lender offer first time home buyer education?

It’s important to work with a mortgage lender who is experienced and adept at assisting first time home buyers. Find out about specific tools and explanations the lenders provide to you as a first time buyer. The best mortgage lenders will offer an array of education to guide you through the process.

#2: Will you receive personal attention?

Every consumer, no matter what the product or service, wants to have their needs met and their questions answered. The best mortgage lenders offer their clients support before and during the process.

#3: Is the lender committed to explaining the variety of loan products available?

Along with the deluge of other decisions required during home buying, you will need to choose a loan product. The best mortgage lenders examine each client’s specific situation and provide a tailored solution. First time home buyers should feel confident they are choosing the loan product that best suits them.

#4: Can they assist in guiding you toward an affordable rate and payment?

A professional, ethical mortgage lender helps their clients get into a home they can afford with a payment they can meet. Home buying is an exciting yet complicated pursuit, especially if you have never experienced it. Getting answers to these four questions will increase a first time home buyers’ chance of working with a helpful mortgage lender, and ending up with the home and loan product that is best for them. For more first time home buyer education information, download our eBook now!