Saving for a down payment takes commitment and consistency. It’s not always easy to be saving towards a down payment with other bills, loans and expenses to pay for. It’s easy to begin, but difficult to maintain, especially if you don’t have much extra money every month.

However, a substantial down payment is extremely helpful in landing the house you want and the mortgage you need, which is why hopeful homebuyers should make saving for a down payment a top priority.

In addition to cutting expenses and resisting impulse purchases, there are several apps that can help sock away cash to use for your future home. Here are 5 saving apps potential home buyers can’t, or shouldn’t, live without.

Digit *
The Digit app makes saving a no brainer by pulling small savings amounts from your checking account and stashing it away in a separate savings you can access when you are ready to buy a house. You can even adjust how much you save to meet your specific goals! This is an easy way to save without having to actually remember to set aside the savings yourself. Digit savings also are a great compliment to your current savings strategy.

Mint *
Need help with your budget and managing your finances? Mint helps analyze your spending and finances and identifies areas you can cut spending to save more towards your goal (in this case, a down payment). This app tracks progress, creates a personal budget, and assists you in meeting your financial goals. *
Using coupons can whittle hundreds of dollars out of your household budget every month and leave you with extra cash to save for a down payment. Download this app and use it every time you shop. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save!

Ebates *
Saving for a down payment is easier if your spending is reduced. Ebates allows you to earn cash back on items you already buy, creating extra savings to put towards a down payment. You can also earn money by referring friends to Ebates. Make sure you put all the cash back and savings from your Ebates account towards your down payment!

DealsCorner *
Find the best deals on clothing, electronics, restaurants and more with this app that compares the current prices from several stores. Knowing which store offers the lowest price keeps money in your pocket that you can add to your savings.

One of the first steps toward home ownership is saving for a down payment, and potential buyers must take it seriously. These apps will help you build savings with little effort, and bring your dream of owning your own home closer.

If you need more tips on how to save for a down payment and set yourself up for success during the home buying process, download our educational eBook today!

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