If you are planning on buying a home in the next two years, saving is high on your priority list. But where do you find the cash? Check out these 6 ways to make saving for a home easy!

Get everyone on board. Saving is easier if all family members participate. If you’re married, discuss the savings plan with your spouse. Involve any children you may have in the idea as well. It will make them feel like they are a part of the project; plus, nobody is ever too young to learn the power of saving money.

Track spending. Before you can save, you must understand where your money goes. Use a spreadsheet or an app to track your spending habits.

Pay off your credit cards. Credit card debt has derailed many a home buying plan. Stop using them as frequently and pay them off as quickly as possible.

Set a budget. Once you have your credit cards paid off, use your spending tracker to review your finances. You will most likely see “fat” that you can cut from your budget: too much dining out, extra channels on cable, a cell phone data plan you don’t use. Create a workable budget, and then add the amount you want to save each month.

Automatically transfer savings. When saving for a home, it’s easier if it’s not even a question. Use your bank’s automatic transfer feature to move money to your savings every pay period. Otherwise, if you transfer it yourself, there will be more temptations to spend it instead of save it.

Aim towards a goal. Set goals with deadlines and strive to meet them. If you can’t save an entire down payment, reach for a certain percentage.

Make a dream board. Include the entire family and create a dream board of your new home. Add pictures of a back yard, porch, child’s room, or anything else your family loves or wants in a home. Set this in a prominent area of your current residence to motivate you to keep aiming and saving.

These 6 savings tips will make saving for a home a cinch! Talk to an experienced lender about other ways to get into your dream home, as there are many mortgage options and a lender can help find the perfect one for you. For more home savings tips and first time home buyer education, download our eBook now!