In recent years, you might have noticed more and more of your favorite retailers and restaurants have started to accept payments through digital wallets. For background, digital wallets are software-based payment systems that securely store encrypted user and payment information to use it for secure payments on websites, in apps, or in-store.

If you haven’t made the switch to contactless payments yet, here are a few reasons to create your digital wallet today:

1. Convenience
At brick-and-mortar stores, simply tap or wave your smart phone to pay instantly. Online, your payment information is saved so you can pay seamlessly via desktop or smartphone when prompted.

2. Carry Less
No more shuffling through your purse or wallet to find the right card. All you need is your phone to make payments instantly! Digital wallets give you one less thing to worry about carrying.

3. Efficiency
Not only do digital wallets allow you to make payments with less hassle, but the more digital wallets are adopted, the shorter checkout lines will be in businesses around the world!

4. Organization
Digital wallets allow you to keep and view all of your payment information in one neat place, giving you a fuller picture of your transactions with less effort.

5. Discounts, Loyalty Programs & Bonuses
Many digital wallets offer incentives for using their applications.

6. Safety & Security
Information stored in your digital wallet is encrypted and password protected, making it more difficult for hackers to access your personal data.

7. Store Other Important Information
Digital wallets can also be used to store other important information you might carry in a physical wallet, such as boarding passes, tickets, student IDs and more! You’ll also use less paper and plastic as a result.

Best of all, our Mechanics Cooperative Bank Debit Cards are digital wallet enabled and compatible for use with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay! Get started using your digital wallet today.