An understanding of the buying process increases exponentially with the price tag of the item, and the risk of making a mistake–especially when it comes to buying a home.

Choosing a home is a financial AND personal decision. It’s where you and your family live! This decision looms large, and can create stress and indecision, from choosing the neighborhood to deciding on a budget to making it through the obstacle course of appraisals, negotiation, and closing. YIKES!

First time buyers who seek out homebuyer education lessen their stress by understanding the process and the part each experience plays. If you are thinking about buying a home in the near future, look into these ways to learn about the purchasing process.

In-Person Seminars

Scour online community boards and your local newspaper to find one day or multi-day seminars. Attending such a presentation gives you tons of tools that help you navigate the home buying process. Mortgage calculators, credit score information, and contacts that you will need during the process are all readily available during these seminars. An in-person seminar is a great way to immerse yourself in homebuyer education.

Online Education Options

If you cannot commit to a full day of learning, look into internet presentations about home buying and that provide homebuyer education. Webinars and podcasts from experienced real estate agents and mortgage professionals offer valuable information, all at your convenience. Educate yourself on every piece of the home buying puzzle right from your tablet or laptop!

Informal Learning

Blogs, forums, and other online content is a less structured way to gain homebuyer education. Do a simple search of “homebuyer education” and pursue the articles and subscribe to the blogs that are helpful. Look at local banks’ websites for their blogs as well. Just reading a few minutes a day will expand your knowledge a great deal.

Trusted Team Teaching

Meet with your real estate agent and mortgage lender and ask them questions to educate yourself on the items that are still not clear. Being able to get answers from a real person in a one-on-one setting is educational and helpful, without a huge layout of time. Conducting your own research prior to asking questions is also helpful!

Whether you employ one, some, or all of these tactics, make sure you educate yourself before tackling the home buying process. Being informed will make the decision less stressful, go smoother, and will decrease the chances of making the wrong decision. For more homebuyer education, download our educational eBook now!