The holiday season is officially here, and although it’s fun to buy gifts for the ones you love, sticking to a budget can get stressful. To help make your holiday shopping more enjoyable without breaking the bank, we’ve compiled some tips that will save you time AND money this season!

Take Advantage of Special Offers
Consider doing your holiday shopping during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday days, where many retailers have big sales and discounts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are also great days to make your big-ticket item purchases, as retailers offer discounts on more expensive items during these sale periods.

Start Shopping Early
You don’t have to wait for the start of the holiday season to start your holiday shopping! You have a whole year to think about and buy gifts if you want to take the time to plan ahead. Start early enough to give yourself time to search for good deals. The earlier you know what you want to buy, the more time you have to search for the best price.

Avoid Shopping Sprees
Retailers are really good at enticing you to buy their products once you’re in the store or browsing their website. To avoid being tempted to buy things you had not budgeted for or might not really need, write a list of the things you are planning to buy and don’t stray from it.

Make A Budget to Stick To
Setting a realistic holiday shopping budget will give you a clear idea of what you can spend and how you can best spend it to get everything you need. Sticking to a budget will help you avoid unnecessary spending and allow you to get the gifts you need.

Use Online Coupons & Discount Codes
There are more online coupons and discount codes out there than you think! Before checking out of an online store, do a quick Google search to see if there are any coupons or codes out there that you can apply while checking out. Many online stores also offer 10% discounts on your order when you sign up for their email list. And lastly, browser extensions such as Honey will do the work for you by automatically applying coupons during checkout if any are available.

These tips will help you make the most of your holiday shopping budget without feeling like you had to sacrifice buying the items you want! Follow these tips to save money this holiday season. And if you want to get a leg up on saving for next season, contact us today for account options!