Taunton, a town of quiet residential neighborhoods coupled with lively activity, is located less than an hour from both Boston, MA and Providence, RI. This centrally located city, not surprisingly, is currently experiencing a thriving real estate market. Taunton real estate home prices have been rising over the past few seasons and interested buyers will find themselves in a seller’s market. Finding a new home may be a challenge, but the opportunities of a rising market should not be overlooked by first time buyers.

The Taunton River winds its way between green banks as it flows south through Taunton neighborhoods. Located in Bristol County, this city is one of the oldest towns in the United States, dating back to 1637. At that time it was part of Plymouth Colony and today still retains many historic buildings. This beautiful city contains many local cultural amenities, with civic events, as well as a skating rink, public library, a movie theater and several art galleries, as well as nearby shopping centers.

More entertainment can be found in Boston, only 40 miles away. Today the area harbors safe communities, and is home to sixteen schools, elementary through high school level, as well as a technical school and college campuses. The city is home to two state parks and a wildlife refuge. From Taunton the river flows southwest to tidewater at Mount Hope Bay, only 20 miles away.

At today’s prices, residential property in Taunton is very attractive and the Taunton real estate market is booming. Property owners have enjoyed a 32 percent increase in home prices over 5 years. For the first time buyer purchasing a new home can be an exciting and also intimidating business. It is helpful to navigate this process with a knowledgeable real estate agent and a local mortgage lender. A Taunton real estate agent will be able to help you navigate the financial process and negotiate a successful home purchase. This can all begin with applying to get pre-approved for a mortgage and then can start searching the real estate market knowing you have secured financing.

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