Unfortunately, there are currently many consumer scams targeting people to steal their personal information and identity. Hackers are getting smarter and more slick, and it is never easy to spot a consumer scam these days. However, there are identity protection actions you can take to try to keep yourself safe! Check out these helpful identity protection tips to keep your information secure:

1. Monitor your credit report
Regularly checking and monitoring your credit report can help you identify if there are any items that may be from fraudulent activity. Checking your credit report at least three times per year will allow you to spot and take action on any activity that arose from a scam or stolen information.

2. Enroll in an identity theft protection service
There are many credible identity theft protection services available to consumers. This paid protection means that the service provider will monitor your identity and alert you to any potential fraud or identity theft.

3. Check your online and mobile banking regularly
Keeping track of your finances, reviewing transactions regularly and staying on top of your accounts can help you easily identify and remedy any identity theft or fraud. Be sure to contact your financial institution immediately should you suspect fraud on your account(s).

4. Use complicated, unique passwords for your accounts
Using hard to guess passwords and using unique passwords for each of your accounts can help you avoid being hacked. Shy away from using common words, common sequences of numbers, birthdays, anniversaries and other personal information in your passwords that can make them easier to hack.

5. Implement phone security features
Enabling biometric security features on your phone such as fingerprint access, facial recognition and others keeps your phone more secure. With so much personal information stored on our phones, it is essential that only you be able to access your phone.

6. Keep your social media profiles private
The less you share online, the better! Obviously this can’t always be the case, but setting your social media profiles to private and only accepting friend requests from trusted people you know can help keep your personal information secure.

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