Taunton, Massachusetts is a beautiful city nestled in Bristol County, just 40 miles outside of Boston. Taunton is settled on the Taunton River, which streams its way through the town until it hits Mount Hope Bay. With a wealth of schools, town activities, and the suburban feel, Taunton is a great choice if you are searching for a place to settle down outside of the city while being close enough to enjoy all Massachusetts has to offer. 

What Does Taunton Have to Offer?

If you are planning on buying your first home and maybe starting a family in Taunton, there are a wealth of schools to choose from. Taunton is the home to nine elementary schools, three middle schools, two high schools, and satellite campuses of Bay State College and Bristol Community College. There is a seemingly endless amount of activities fit for family fun or a night out with friends. The local skating rink, public library, movie theater, and the Gertrude M Boyden Wildlife Refuge are all located in Taunton!

When Should You Buy A Home in Taunton?

The best time to purchase your home in Taunton is now! The Taunton real estate market is booming with beautiful homes waiting for you to occupy. There are beautiful properties near the water, in the heart of the city, or nestled away on the streets of the suburb. Taunton is a great town for families, singles, Millennials, and new couples looking to start their life together.

Advice for Buying Your First Home in Taunton

The city of Taunton has a wealth of programs and resources to help guide you through purchasing your first home in Taunton, Mass. While purchasing Taunton real estate is a great investment for you and your family, it can be intimidating the first time around. You can find assistance in navigating the home buying process by working with a real estate agent and a local mortgage lender to ensure you’re making the right property and financial decisions. It is essential to do your research about the real estate market in the area as well as the right mortgage for you before settling on a home.

If you’re thinking about or are ready to buy a home in the Taunton area, get pre-qualified for a mortgage today!