Located in Bristol County, Massachusetts, Taunton is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. Residents enjoy a nice climate, experiencing all four seasons, and get to live close to the ocean. Area children grow up knowing the joys of collecting multi-colored leaves during the autumn. Events held in the Taunton Green, especially for holidays, provide a sense of real community.

An old town, Taunton dates back to 1637 when it was part of Plymouth Colony. History aside, the area remains a top choice for those who want a quiet lifestyle while enjoying all the amenities of a large city in Boston, only 40 miles away. Fine school districts and colleges, including a satellite campus of Bay State College; ensure the population has access to first-rate education. There are also sixteen public elementary schools and one vocational technical institution that serve Taunton students.

Those contemplating a move to Taunton, MA, will find many real estate opportunities, especially first time homebuyers. The median home price is $261,000, rising over $100,000 in one year. This trend portends well for property owners who want to know that their municipality enjoys rising home values. In fact, over a five-year period, average home prices in Taunton, MA, have risen over 32 percent. Buying here could prove a very wise investment decision as a first time buyer.

Though most of Taunton has quality neighborhoods, the most popular zip codes are 02780, 02718 and 02783. For those with a degree of wealth or high income, zip code 02770 remains a top choice with a median home price of almost $600,000.

With so much going for it, one can see why 55,874 people call Taunton home. These residents have a high quality of life compared to other parts of the state, region and nation. If you want to get started enjoying all that Taunton has to offer, just fill out the pre-approval mortgage appointment form and get started searching for your new home today!