Taunton, Massachusetts is located in Bristol County, just 40 miles south of Boston and only 10 miles east of Providence. Nearby shopping centers in New Bedford and Plymouth make Taunton a fun and convenient city to live in. Safe neighborhoods and a good school district also make this city a great choice for first time home buyers! The median residential property value in Taunton is $244,700 and the Taunton real estate market is thriving. There are plenty of local mortgage lenders who are happy to help first time buyers find the right homes for their families.

Taunton is a beautiful city that is home to many historic buildings, from St. Mary’s Church to the Bristol County Superior Courthouse with its iconic domed roofs. The Old Colony Historical Society and Whittenton Mills Complex offer plenty of opportunities to soak up some local culture through theater and museum exhibits in picturesque locations. For those who prefer a bit of an adventure, the cities of Providence and Boston are both less than an hour away.

Also in Taunton the $1 billion First Light Resort & Casino will open in the summer of 2017. In addition to gaming it will house three 15-story buildings to accommodate 900 hotel guests, entertainment space, shops and other amenities.

Taunton Real Estate Trends
Median home sales in Taunton have increased by $11,562 over the past year alone! The real estate market in Taunton looks to continue its steady incline as the town offers more amenities and services to its residents, making it a great place to invest in your first home. Location has never been more important in the real estate market than it is today, and Taunton, MA offers a unique blend of the convenience that comes with its central location and a small town feel with its quiet neighborhoods. Taunton property could be a solid investment for new home buyers, and now is a great time to buy! As the competition for property increases, the value of your property could rise along with it.

The Buying Process
Whether you are looking for a beautiful starter home or a spacious five-bedroom house with a pool, the Taunton real estate market has something to offer everyone. Taunton also boasts many great local mortgage lenders who will be happy to help you finance the right home in one of New England’s premier cities. A Taunton real estate agent can not only help you find the right home but negotiate a deal that makes your new property a truly great property investment that could pay dividends for years to come.

If you’re interested in buying a home in Taunton, MA or the surrounding areas, get moving by starting the mortgage pre-approval process today!