Congratulations! You have decided to jump into the world of real estate as a first-time buyer. However, there are many twists and turns to the home buying process that you may not be aware of. For a first time buyer, getting the right local mortgage lender can make the difference between finding the right mortgage for your specific situation and being underwater with a huge monthly payment on your hands.

Your first home buying experience does not need to be confusing or overwhelming. With first time home buyer education and by working with the right local lender, you can have a more smooth and seamless experience. Here are some of the things that you should know about the advantage that local mortgage lenders will give you as a first time buyer.

Inside Information
There are always real estate deals no matter where you are looking to buy. However, only real estate professionals with an eye to the books and a network of other professionals in the Rolodex will know where the real values are. For instance, there may be real estate agents in the area that have a great reputation for providing value to buyers and getting them their ideal home at a reasonable cost. Many times, good local mortgage lenders know who these real estate agents are and can recommend a list of the best in your area.

Answering the Questions
As you are thinking about the process of buying your first home, chances are you will have many questions that need to be answered. These questions include things about mortgages like ‘When should I get pre-approved for a mortgage?’ and ‘What are the benefits of getting pre-approved?’ but may also include more general questions about the process.

Local mortgage lenders can help you answer all of these questions quickly and easily. Because they have been doing business in the area for many years, they know the answers to questions you would have to spend much time researching.

Personalized Attention
You can rest assured that your local mortgage lender has your best interests at heart. They have an economic incentive to ensure you get the right mortgage that you can afford and a house that you are happy with. They are also unencumbered with deals outside of the local area, meaning that you get all of the attention that you deserve.

If you’re a first time homebuyer and are looking to find a local lender that can help you through the process, sign up for an appointment to learn about your options and start the pre-approval process!