New Bedford is a city in Bristol County, Massachusetts that is a great place to live. When it comes to real estate, it is fit to say that the New Bedford real estate market provides plenty of opportunities for people from all walks of life, be it first time buyers or others. Now may be the time to buy in New Bedford, as the real estate market has many options available within reasonable price ranges.

Why is New Bedford a great area to live?

Well, New Bedford is a great place to live in due to the many benefits it offers to its residents. It was once known as the “City That Lit the World” due to its whaling industry, and no doubt it’s on its way to being the “City That Kept the Lights On.” The best reasons why New Bedford is a great place to live in include:

• Due to its location and culture, New Bedford is a great place to sample diverse cuisines such as Portuguese dishes and seafood.
• It is home to up to 10 solar energy projects and its recent designation as the on-shore staging area for Cape Wind puts it on the global map. With these ever expanding projects, the city’s goal, as the mayor recently said, is “to establish New Bedford in the eyes of the world as a leader and an example too.”
• New Bedford also has a re-branded image with a newly restored downtown with a busy, optimistic feel.
• The city has kept in touch with its historic features and boasts the New Bedford Whaling Museum; a key attraction that welcomes visitors with art, science, and interactive exhibits.
• The harbor is also an important source of recreation and enjoyment in the area.

In terms of opportunities, just how big are they in New Bedford?

This cannot be answered any better than by the residents; many who say there are great bargains to be found. This is especially true among the old “captain’s houses” in the attractive West End neighborhood.

Before making a move to purchase property in New Bedford real estate market, it is advisable that you do your own research on the city, homes and mortgages in order to get more informed insights on the area. This is important because you are able to choose the right options that will best suit your needs. Give yourself enough time to consider all the available neighborhoods and financing options available for each home option. It is also important to use first time home buyer education materials so that you know what you’re facing when buying a home. For more first time home buyer information to set yourself up to purchase in the New Bedford real estate market, download our eBook now!