Almost everyone has a checking and/or savings account with a bank, but many people don’t know the many products and services banks provide for their financial needs. A bank isn’t just a place to store your money, but also offers guidance, products, services and more to help meet any financial need you might have. Learn about the additional offerings good banks provide so you know what you can access from your current bank or a new bank.

Online Banking Services

The introduction of mobile apps and online bank services have made banking extremely convenient. Such services mean that you can transact from anywhere and at any time. You can open accounts, transfer funds, deposit checks, and monitor accounts without physically going to the bank. This could be a little challenging if you are not comfortable with technology, but it will get easier once you learn the ropes.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Apart from using a savings account, your bank could also help you plan for your financial future with certified financial planning and wealth management services. Working with a financial planner provided by your bank can help you save for retirement, invest funds and ensure you’re setting and working towards your secure financial future.

Mortgage & Home Equity Guidance

Applying for your first mortgage and applying for a home equity loan to unlock the financial power of your home’s equity can be an intimidating process. A good bank will have experienced lenders that can help walk you through the entire experienced, from pre-approval through the closing.

Fraud Alerts & Account Monitoring

Your bank can help you keep your accounts and money secure. With fraud detection and account monitoring services, your bank can alert you if your card(s) have been hacked or if the account activity is different than normal. In today’s age, account security is more important than ever, so you want to ensure your bank can help keep your finances safe.

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