Have you ever used an escrow account or bought mortgage points? How much should you pay for an appraisal and how do determine a home’s resale value? Should you try to get pre-approved or shop for a new home first? Buying your first home is a complicated process in which even simple mistakes can cost you in the long run. Yet the increasing complexity of the real estate market is now balanced by the wealth of first time home buyer help available for those who know where to look.

A first time buying decision should be the culmination of your research process, and the best method is to use a multifaceted approach that allows you to learn from a variety of resources. Personal experience, professional wisdom and the numerous tips in prepared first time home buyer guides all have their value. Use this quick resource guide to help direct your first time home buyer education.

Friends & Family
We all have friends and family that have bought homes, and the value of their first-hand experience cannot be denied. However, keep in mind that your experience may be different from theirs, and that if they aren’t professionals they may not have the all the knowledge to help you avoid issues. Don’t discount their experience, but don’t give too much weight to anecdote as you research the home buying process.

Online Forums
There are many online forums for real estate advice that can all be found through a quick search engine search. Online forums can offer helpful advice, but keep in mind that the information may not be local for your region and also may not be reliable, as it is user generated content.

Print Books
An option that is overlooked surprisingly often today is print books, which can be an excellent resource. Any major book store should stock a large selection of books targeted towards helping first time home buyers, but be sure to watch carefully for recent publication dates and try to avoid books that only serve to sell a product or system.

In-Person First Time Home Buyer Seminars
A book can be a good resource for some people, but if you are like many first time home buyers, the value of attending an in-person seminar is immense. In most seminars, the information is presented in a concise, direct way and there is dialog surrounding topics that is impossible to get from a print book. Look for these seminars in your area by searching online or contacting a trusted mortgage lender near you.

Trusted Mortgage Lenders
If you have done some initial research though friends, online forums and perhaps a published book or two, chances are that you still have questions. And if you don’t, you probably just don’t know what to ask yet. Sitting down with a trusted mortgage lender, certified and experienced in your area, is absolutely essential for first time home buyers. Bring your research, bring your questions and you will have the chance to get the answers you’re looking for.

Verified Online eBooks, Seminars and Courses
Mortgage lenders want the best experience for their clients. They want their clients walking away from a deal satisfied and ready to recommend their business again. That’s why the best lenders will often offer first time home buyer help in the form of eBooks, online seminars and online courses. Combining the advantages of print books and seminars, these have the advantage of being localized for your region, trustworthy and connected with a known-lender in case you have any additional questions.

If you’re looking for online first time home buyer education resources, download our helpful and informative eBook now!