Apr.23, 2021 in Blog

Benefits of Using a Digital Wallet

In recent years, you might have noticed more and more of your favorite retailers and restaurants have started to accept payments through digital wallets. For background, digital wallets are software-based payment systems that securely store encrypted user and payment information to use it for secure payments on websites, in apps, or in-store.

Jul.27, 2020 in Blog

Best Contactless Payment Apps: Everything You Need to Know

Since the introduction of Near Field Communication (NFC) that turned our smartphones into the equivalent of a payment card, digital and mobile wallets have gained popularity. People are actively leveraging their benefits, including security, high portability, and speed for smooth and fast transactions globally.

May.07, 2020 in Blog

The Top 3 Advantages of Contactless Payment Technology & Digital Wallets

Over the past decade, technological advances have launched a revolution in payments, including digital wallets that made contactless payments popular with many shoppers. The concept of contactless payment is pretty simple: customers just wave their mobile devices over a terminal at checkout. This is done using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, a radio frequency that allows the card to ...

Apr.16, 2020 in Blog

Digital Transactions: Benefits of Mobile Wallets for You

If you want to simplify how you make payments and you don’t want to carry credit cards and cash, it’s time to consider loading your card to a digital wallet. Pick a digital wallet that suits your smartphone - Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay - and make purchases at thousands of retailers using only your phone. This convenient, fast, and secure mobile payment option continues to grow increas...


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